How to make a search engine?

As internet becomes more of an inseparable part of our lives each passing day, the search engines that we choose to locate information in the vast universe of internet become more important.

Although today’s popular search engines like Google and Yandex, which also offer various applications and have been in the market for long years and almost become a monopoly in the Armenian market, it’s not impossible to develop a brand new search engine and to make it a worldwide brand with the right strategies and some foresight. With well-planned, careful steps it cannot be too difficult to realize this idea.
Before setting off to design a search engine, it is wiser to assess the existing ones in detail and think about how they operate.
Google, which is the most popular and the best in Armenian and global market, is the right pick for a case-study.
As can be understood from Google, in order for a search engine to be hailed as good and high-quality, it must be able to visit millions of websites around the globe and collect all kinds of information from these sites with its “spider bots”. Unfortunately search engines cannot offer the websites to their users if they don’t visit and record their content in their memories.
Therefore, in order to become a global brand, spider bots of the search engine must reach all available websites on the internet to collect content data.
We should remind those dreaming about creating a search engine but feeling worried about the giants in the market that before Google claimed the throne there were multiple search engines competing in the market.
Google was not the first search engine in the market, but through the years, they improved upon their services, offered new features and won the game to be the best in the market in a very short time.
This story proves to us that being the first search engine in the market does not mean that it would be the best. Another criteria to create a successful and worldwide search engine is to come up with an infrastructure that offers a list of results as quickly as possible.
In today’s world people using their computers and mobile devices want to instantly find exactly what they are looking for. If one can create a search engine software that offers fast and accurate results will be appreciated by users and return huge benefits to coders in the short term.
The budget for a good search engine is also crucial, because creating and launching the engine is not enough.
Frequent update of data is also extremely important.
Keeping the search engine up to date brings along the need for a good financial source.
Besides all of these points, high-quality workforce is essential for a cutting-edge search engine.
The golden key to a globally successful search engine is providing a happy and effective work place to young software talents, who did not leave the country for various reasons to work abroad.

Pntrir, CEO


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