Pntrir - Privacy Policy.

Pntrir - Privacy Policy The information that people or organizations using the Pntrir search engine, enters into the site is subject to the privacy policy principles. In accordance with the privacy policy, information entered into the system and rights based on this information are protected.
In accordance with its privacy policy, which includes the rights to use this information and rights, the Pntrir search engine is committed to protecting the privacy of the user community.
The privacy policy of the site management includes details of how the information collected by the Pntrir search engine will be used and how it will be handled by those who interact with the web site. Privacy policies apply only to the Pntrir search engine products, not to the sites of the relevant organizations to which links provided in the search results are provided.
When a search is made through the Pntrir search engine, the system presents general purpose information and details to the user.
At the same time, the Pntrir search engine aggregates only the user's IP address, routing data, and browser and platform type information.
However, it does not require the sharing of personal information such as the user's first name, last name, title or e-mail address.
That is, the Pntrir search engine uses site cookies (cookies) of the site users, do not! collect their personal datas. This is the most important element of the site's privacy policy.
When any search is made on the internet using the Pntrir search engine, the system assigns an anonymous identification number to search requests and links the information to use.
This information is the date and time of the user's visit, the words used for the search, and the clicked links on the search results screen. The system uses log files (ie cookies, cookies) to aggregate and store this anonymous user information.
The purpose of the Pntrir search engine to collect this information is to manage the site, detect user trends, collectively track users' movements, and obtain broad demographic information for collective use.
The information obtained in this way is analyzed later. The Pntrir search engine then uses the information it collects to improve its products, provide more relevant search results, deliver advertisements, protect users and products, and detect and prevent malicious uses of products.
The Pntrir search engine can set and access cookies located on the user's computer. Cookies are small data files stored on the user's computer that the site sends. The system uses both session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies complete the task when the browser is closed.
Permanent cookies are stored on the hard drive for a long time. The Pntrir search engine uses cookie and web beacon technology to track which pages you see and which browsers or devices they use. Personal information obtained through the Pntrir search engine can only be explained in accordance with legal regulations.
For this to happen, there must be a judicial process, a criminal investigation, a court order or a functioning legal process. END OF DOCUMENT. © 2017 - Contact:

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